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We were tasked with producing a series of commercial spots for Dr Teal's, featuring Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams. As an elite athlete, Aaron needs to train on the highest level and recover fast to maintain the physical requirements of professional football. Our goal was to give the viewer a brief glimpse into Aaron’s world and what it takes to stay on top.


Focus on the physical demands placed on athletes like Aaron Donald and the restorative properties of Dr Teal's Epsom Salt. We wanted to create a powerful visual narrative that blended the world of sports, health & wellness that would resonate with consumers. Working with athletes that use Dr Teal’s products daily created an opportunity to build a world that was authentic to Aaron’s daily routine. Going into production, our team started in pre-viz designing a virtual bathroom set in Unreal Engine. We needed enough room to bring in cameras, support and lighting while also building a world that felt elevated and an extension of Dr Teal’s brand. Designing the set in Unreal Engine allowed our Director of Photography, Hiram Borges-Barrios to place virtual cameras in the space before construction began.


A series of commercial spots and still assets to be utilized across all platforms, including, web, social and strategic partnerships.


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Dr Teal’s



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Nate Simmons

Creative Director

Jason Corbin, Nicky Lorenzo


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